Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Vally National Park is the hidden gem of Uganda containing diverse landscapes, from lush mountain ranges to vast plains, and is home to almost 500 bird species and 77 different mammals. Out on the savannas, you are likely see an impressive collection of animals including ostriches, hartebeest, giraffes and possibly predators such as lions, cheetah and leopards.

Kidepo Valley is a long way out, and one of Africa’s last great wilderness areas. It is an endless area of rugged savanna. While the game viewing is excellent, it is the thrilling sense of supreme isolation that many people enjoy most. Please note, we allow Roadtrippers to go with a Landcruiser only.

How to reach & where to stay

The drive from Kampala via Lira and Kitgum is at least a two day journey. The largest places to stock up on fuel, airtime, and food and drink supplies are Gulu or Kitgum. The drive through the Eastern part goes via Moroto, Kotido and Kaabong, with local food and supplies offered. Take a minimum 3 days to reach Kidepo from Kampala through the East. Inside the park you can either stay in Apoka Safari Lodge (very high-end), Apoka rest camp, which is run by the UWA hostel (Tel: +256 312 355000, 0414 355000, 0392 899500) or Kakine or Nagusokopire self-catering UWA campsite, with a big change of hearing lions roaring and passing by at night… (Tel: +256 312 355000, 0414 355000, 0392 899500).

Read more about Kidepo in this trip report by the Roadtrip managers Bram and Emmy.


Zebras And Bucks Grazing For Food At 6Am Kidepo NP
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