Camping gear

Whether you are on a budget, love the outdoors, or just don't want to have to book your accommodation ahead of time, roadtripping with a full set of camping gear in the back of the car gives you a great sense of flexibility.

Cheers At Moses Campsite Sipi Fals

Uganda is a great country for camping, as there are many campsites around the country.

Kindly note that all of our additional services are reserved for clients who opt for car rental with us.
We do not provide camp gear rental or gorilla permit arrangements as a standalone service.

Camping gear consists of the following items:

You may consider bringing a Swiss Army knife, lighter, candles (tea lights, handy for getting a fire started) and a fleece blanket.

Camping gear rental costs / day

Camping gear

Rental cost pp/day US$ 5  

 Add an electrical fridge that fits in the Toyota Landcruiser for US$4 per day.

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